AS Psychology Past Paper Questions Paper 1 & 2

Please find past paper questions for each topic.  The mark schemes are at the end of the document with the code M1, M2 to indicate which question they refer to.


Paper 1.

Social Influence

Minority influence


Resistance to social influence

Social Change



Multi-Store Model of memory questions

Working Memory Model of memory questions

LTM memory questions

Forgetting memory questions

Eye witness testimony questions


1. Types of attachment and Strange Situation

2. Explanations of attachment

3. Early Attachment influence on relations

4. Caregiver-infant interactions

5. Bowlby Deprivation and Insititutionalisation

6. Animal studies of attachment

Paper 2. Approaches

Biological Approach

Cognitive Approach

Comparing Approaches

Humanistic Psychology

Psychodynamic Approach


Endocrine system

Fight or flight response

Nervous system and neurons


Definitions of abnormality

Depression explanation and treatment

Disorders Characteristics

OCD explanation and treatment

Phobias explanation and treatment