The problem with revision

Re-vision Mid 16th century word meaning to ‘look again or repeatedly (at)’): from French réviser ‘look at’, or Latin revisere ‘look at again’, from re- ‘again’ + visere (intensive form …

Post-Trump teaching

27 years ago today the Berlin wall fell.  It remains one of the very few lessons I remember from school, our teacher got very excited and passionate about the significance of the day.  …

The problem with growth mindset.

I think I might be a little late to this party but I want to reflect on my thinking about growth mindset and resilience. Views about the usefulness of growth mindset seem to be polarised as it is seen as either a magic wand or a passing fad. It is probably neither and it’s usefulness may be weakened by an inconclusive evidence base.

Hickman out

Our final class is done and the ink is dry on your exam papers. It will be strange to think that we will not be part of each others lives anymore, I will never mark another one of your essays nor will you have to put up with my appalling jokes and long-winded stories.

Why attachment matters

Young people’s ability to form relationships is shaped by their early childhood experiences.  I have found that some of the puzzling behaviour we face as teachers can be understood by …

A good-enough teacher?

How do I know if I am a good teacher? How would I know? On what standards should I judge myself? Am I good for those at the top, do I care enough about the bottom? Am I able to close the gap? What about the silent middle? Am I a good colleague?

Beginnings and endings

Beginnings and endings punctuate life in a school, not only the big beginnings and endings in September and June; they also remain a focus of each term, topic and assessment. I have always felt a mixture of both excitement and terror at all of these junctions.

The problem with UCAS.

I think it is time we reviewed the usefulness of our university admissions process.  I propose the current system is stressful, inefficient and unnecessary when there is clearly another way. …