About Me.

I am a teacher of sociology and psychology in the state sector. I have previously worked for a large academy chain and a further education college.  I live and work in London.  If it matters, I have a PGCE, QTLS and an MA in Education. I enjoy cross words.  I would describe myself as a curious teacher.

Curiosity is an essential tool for psychological understanding and it is the main tool of effective teaching and learning. I find myself endlessly curious about what goes on in my classroom and the puzzle of learning. I find myself using the words ‘I wonder why …’ probably more than is healthy. I am curious about what is learnt, as well as being deeply curious about the students and my own behaviour. Some might say this curiosity is pathological. I think that might be fair comment, but as others have said before me an unexamined life is not worth living.

And finally dear reader, these views are my own and I can be contacted via my twitter identity @mistershankly75 if that was important to you.  Thanks for reading.