Hickman out

Our final class is done and the ink is dry on your exam papers.  It will be strange to think that we will not be part of each others lives anymore, I will never mark another one of your essays nor will you have to put up with my appalling jokes and long-winded stories.

All good things must end and it is true to say that I have learnt more from you than you have from me.  Our time together has given me hope, you are a fantastic group of young people who are determined to make a difference and I believe that you will.  My life has been enriched by our time together and I hope you will hold onto the curiosity you have displayed in class.  Question everything, always.  Whenever you find yourself agreeing with a majority just pause and reflect on why.

This farewell is a bittersweet moment but also a significant milestone as you say goodbye to being a high school student and embrace the unknown of being an undergraduate.  Everything changes in this moment, you go from having to ask to go to toilet in class to being responsible for your own rent, bills and TV licences.

As with all good endings there is the excitement of the beginning.  You are at the start of a fantastic odyssey; there is more to learn, new people to meet and places to go.  I am terribly excited for you and the possibilities that lie ahead.

I have but two more things to say, “Hickman out”.